It is Essential to Support Civilian Society in Cuba

Recently, we have been pleased to see President Obama’s Administration take commendable steps towards improving relations with Cuba, by opening up travel to the Cuban-American community, allowing expanded remittances and purposeful travel for more Americans. Without a doubt, these are significant advances which empower the Cuban people and allow the two countries to be more connected than at any other time during the last fifty years.

Now more than ever, the United States can support Cuban people to decide their own future, by crystallizing political reforms that have already begun.

This is why a group of 46 members from the political, business and foundation sectors have written an open letter to President Obama to request he does not back down on this issue. We have listed four recommendations to deepen the reforms taking place in order to give greater freedom to both private organizations and individuals to become, either directly or indirectly, catalysts of change in Cuba:

1.       Expand and safeguard travel to Cuba

2.      Increase support to civilian society in Cuba

3.       Prioritize relations in areas of mutual interest

4.      Offer financial guarantees

I share with you the entire text, hoping we will soon see greater progress in relations between the United States and Cuba.