Cisneros: A Family History 1570-2015

It fills me with happiness and pride to share with you that on April 21, at the VII International Conference on Transatlantic Studies held at Brown University, Cisneros: A Family History 1570-2015 was launched. It is a book inspired by my father and it crystallizes one of his biggest desires: to unearth the family history for posterity.

The text is a first edition originally created as a personal archive, but on October 15, we will be launching the publication at the Royal Academy of History in Madrid, Spain, in a format designed for a much wider audience.

While researching and journeying through the past to create Cisneros: A Family History 1570-2015, I have realized that our family DNA is made up of defining elements from modernity, such as predicting changes, innovating to bring them about and the resilience needed to live them and lead them. These are characteristics I see every day in my children and grandchildren and they remind me that this publishing venture which started as a tribute to my father’s memory is also a legacy for them and a project to continue enriching for years to come.

The book was written by José Ángel Rodríguez, with a prolog by Carmen Iglesias and an epilogue by Professor Julio Ortega. It is thanks to them it has been possible to compile our roots and give my family this beautiful gift.

I have also included an introduction I wrote in which I explain why this dream was important to me and why I would love to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it…