e-Merge, the best of entrepreneurshipe-Merge in Miami

It is always a pleasure for me to talk to the youth of the region, who, with their ideas and innovative mind-set are giving new momentum to Latin America economy.  But it is even more fulfilling to be able to do it next to my daughter Adriana and in Miami.

In fact, I recently participated with Adriana in the conference “Entrepreneurship, Vision and Growth in Latin America” during e-Merge Americas, a space created to discuss about new trends in technology and startups.

With Aryeh Bourkoff, a great businessman and friend, as moderator during the conference, we were able to share with the participants the challenges we have faced for more than eight decades in Cisneros, our long-term vision as a company and how we have evolved throughout time – the beginning, along my father, the stage of internationalization, which was one of my priorities, and the new dimension of the company Adriana is aiming at for the next decades. Her previous role as Strategy Director and now as CEO has been pivotal to direct Cisneros towards innovation, at the forefront of technology and market diversification.

A great example of that is the transition we have made to social media, which today, through Cisneros Interactive, has become key for our business, as well as for our focus on Latin America. Aryeh asked us about it and our answer is that in Cisneros we are convinced of the need to continue betting and investing in Latin America, we are really optimistic about the future of the region and every day we see great examples of this potential – (just see how fast Brazilian companies have kept growing)

I am very excited to be part of this kind of events, to be close to young entrepreneurs and to contribute in any way so that they keep working to develop Latin companies in the United States. Latinos today have much to contribute not only in the technological field, but also in a wide range of fields that can foster job creation, generation of wealth and social wellbeing.