Babson College me honra con un Doctorado Honorario en Leyes

I’m pleased to announce that Babson College, my Alma Mater, recently honored me with a honoris causa degree in law at its centennial anniversary celebration. This recognition has not only brought me great pride and joy because the motive of the award was “for achievements in using business to serve society”, but also made me reflective of the key moments in my career.

Looking back, I believe I’ve been fortunate enough to have had most of my dreams come true throughout my career. I had the enormous privilege of leading the Cisneros group for the past 50 years, and now have the pleasure of watching my daughter, Adriana, take over the company with her unique vision and leadership.

Because my interaction with the business world has shifted, I now have more time to share my experiences with the next generation of young entrepreneurs through universities and institutions such as Endeavor. It is my goal to educate and share my ideas with entrepreneurs who will build companies that promote the development of society, transform lives, and contribute to creating increasingly prosperous and sustainable businesses in the future.

Whenever Cisneros conceives of a new business idea, helping society is one of the first variables we consider. Creating sustainable businesses also implies creating companies that are profitable and can stand the test of time, which is precisely the best advice I can give new generations: “he who is able to understand that the ultimate goal of an entrepreneur is to become a catalyst and act accordingly, is the true entrepreneur”