Diego Cisneros or the Desire for Knowledge


My father, Diego Cisneros, was a man who made a big impact on the Venezuelan business world.  As an entrepreneur, he paved the way for creating industries, promoting democracy, and also strived to improve education, all of which helped lead Venezuela into modernity.

Diego Cisneros’ legacy is part of our core, and it will continue to be the stepping-stone of what Cisneros is today; our philosophy and our way of doing business.

This is why we pay a tribute to this great dreamer, a businessman who knew how to make any idea come true.  This is a homage to this visionary who, with brains, a heart and courage founded what is today one of the most important media and entertainment groups of the world.

Without a doubt, my father’s story is worth telling; in fact, it is an inspiring story that I would like to share with you today.