From a family business to a global business Organization

When I look back and see the road we have travelled at the Cisneros Group of Companies over the last 82 years, through three generations of leadership, one of the things that makes me most proud is the power to say that today we are a Global Organization that maintains the legacy and tradition of a family company.

It is not easy for a company that started off as a family business to grow and develop corporate structure along with long-term vision. At the Cisneros Group we have achieved this. This has allowed us to become an international business and — more recently – to follow the path of digital convergence, a daunting challenge for many companies.

At the Cisneros Group, we benefit from a firm foundation based on the values established by of our founder, my father Diego Cisneros. He showed us a path based upon business ethics, loyalty, a sense of purpose, recognition for people’s work and passion, reinforced with a spirit of innovation and continuous evolution. This combination has allowed us to become a solid, modern, professional organization well prepared to face future challenges.

I think that it is imperative that family companies in our region make changes and take risks and create new structures. If deeply rooted their fundamental identity, values and foundations will never change. On the contrary, they will be the driving force that will promote innovation, productive changes and foster the growth of new thoughts and ideas. That is what has allowed us to make history, while maintaining our own identity through the years.