Latin America’s decade

I have already commented in interviews that I believe that this is going to be Latin America’s decade, why?

Latin America has built a large market: 450 million consumers and 40 million Hispanics in the United States, in which more than 30% of foreign investments come from Latin American companies.

Latin American entrepreneurs have decided to go international and are doing so on a level we could never have imagined before, including service companies, particularly those linked to sectors such as telecommunications, entertainment and engineering. We are exporting new business models.

We are learning to be flexible and to successfully operate in a region that has been affected by political instability and we have developed qualities that have allowed us to confront serious financial crises.

Likewise, countries such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru are strongly committed to those areas crucial to the progress of nations: education, access to technology, research, strengthening of institutions and development of infrastructure. These nations have put aside six-year government plans and have started to develop long-term plans that are strengthening them enormously.

Even though there is still unacceptable inequality in large areas of our region, this is, without doubt, going to be Latin America’s decade. Society, the authorities and entrepreneurs will continue to work together to make Latin America the leading region that we have worked so hard for.