Conveying knowledge, values and experience to new generations: Our Responsibility

I was deeply glad to receive the invitation to participate in Babson Founder’s Day, an activity organized by the Babson College Alumni Club of South Florida, and its oldest tradition since 1947. The occasion recognizes Babson´s founder and first president, Roger W. Babson, and gathers new generations of students with graduates who have become leaders of organizations of great relevance worldwide.

Through a video message, I told future students of my Alma Mater, as well as other graduates, the principles that have been the basis for the expansion, consolidation and globalization of the Cisneros Group, which are closely linked to the ones instilled by Babson to its students, such as leadership, integrity, responsibility and entrepreneurial vision.

Our President and CEO, Steven Bandel, who attended the event on my behalf, shared with the participants our philosophy and the way the Cisneros Group has evolved in eight decades.

This is not the first time I participate in activities with Babson College members; in 1981 I was elected as member of the Academy of distinguished entrepreneurs, and three decades later, I have reaffirmed the principles we shared at that time, which today represent my own philosophy. That is the reason why I would like to share with you my words of that moment, which I found more current than ever: Gustavo Cisneros’ speech: Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs (April 15, 1981)