People like him, are only born once

Nov. 30, I received one of the saddest pieces of news a person can get—the passing of a friend.

I will always remember George Herbert Walker Bush with joy, but, above all, with great admiration. I found in him not only a friend, but a partner who shared my dreams and visions regarding the need to create initiatives to strengthen and expand development in the region. He also believed in offering an education that would turn each young person into an agent of change, as well as in promoting prosperous—and propitious—environments for individual and collective development.

He was a statesman who, from my perspective, was one of the best presidents in the history of the United States, one who should be forever remembered for his ongoing search to improve living conditions in the region—not to mention what he did to support awareness of Latin America’s contributions to global culture.

He was a model citizen and an irreplaceable friend who broke the mold. People like him are only born once, and he will be sorely missed.