Local Relationships, Global Business

I recently had the opportunity to meet with business leaders, diplomats, and friends from across the world who share my love for the Dominican Republic at the “Local Relationships, Global Business” congress. The event, held in the Blue Mall’s Epic Center, was aimed at strengthening ties and promoting the creation of business opportunities.

The Dominican Republic has captivated the world with its culture, its people’s hospitality, its desire to succeed, and a host of other attributes that position the country well on its way to become a development hub.

Recognizing this, the congress focused on incentivizing intelligent investment in the Dominican Republic by betting on its comprehensive development. Event discussions centered on highlighting key initiatives to promote development in this incredible country, which I consider to be my second home, including strengthening local production, providing social and cultural support, and improving the quality of education, as well as addressing environmental issues.

I would be remiss if I failed to express my gratitude to everyone who participated in this dialogue, especially Robin S. Bernstein, United States ambassador; Alejandro Abellán, Spanish ambassador; Shauna Hemingway, Canadian ambassador; Chris Campbell, United Kingdom ambassador; Didier Lopinot, French ambassador; Donald Guerrero, Minister of Finance; Rafael Paz, Director of Competitiveness; and Maribel Villalona, Director of Planning and Projects of the Ministry of Tourism. I am sincerely grateful for your participation.