Communication Forum, a Latin American market

I recently attended the XXII Latin American Summit (Cumbre Iberoamericana) in Cadiz, Spain, where I  participated as a speaker about one of the most important topics in media industry: content development for global audiences.

During my presentation, I described the extraordinary wealth of our region, and the fact that we don´t make the most of it, probably because we are not aware of the best ways to position America as a key region for global development.  For that reason, I proposed to create a “Supranational Commission” to distribute information about Latin America, facts and events to other continents.

Keeping this potential  in mind, in the specific case of media industry, I considered two key issues to address this new decade during my presentation:

1) To keep developing innovative formats, according to audiences requirements.

2) To evolve hand in hand with the new technologies.

During the forum, I was able to attend  to  the opinions of business leaders, like Jose Antonio Vera, President of Agencia EFE (the Spanish news agency), Leopoldo Gonzalez-Echenique, President of Corporación Radio Televisión Española, and Juan Luis Cebrian, President of Grupo Prisa among others. We all agreed that the main challenge for usin the industry is to capitalize all the potential and the economic growth  of our region.

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