Interview with Bloomberg: Adriana Cisneros focuses on Latin American expansion

I would like to share with you another interesting interview by Bloomberg of my daughter Adriana as the new CEO of Cisneros. In the interview, she mentions relevant aspects of our future plans and the niche markets with the greatest potential for the organization’s growth. Adriana clearly states that her focus is on Latin America, where there are markets very favorable for expansion, as well as her goal to bolster our status as a leader in Spanish-language TV. How can that be achieved? Through new acquisitions, expanding our production companies and capitalizing on the growth of e-commerce in Latin America. I am convinced that’s precisely the most promising course for Cisneros, with Adriana at the helm, representing a new generation of leadership and knowledgeable of the digital tendencies from which new platforms and formats have originated like digital advertising, which is currently experiencing the highest rate of growth in Latin America and where there are markets with great potential. In this interview, she also mentions a number of our other investments, including Tropicalia, our real estate project in the Dominican Republic, and Miss Venezuela.  The latter was exemplified to demonstrate how to generate greater growth in existing companies while expanding their digital reach.

I invite you to see the interview through the link below:

Cisneros’s First Female CEO Seeks Latin America Expansion by Adriana Cisneros